Radu Muschevici

I am a post-doctoral researcher in the Software Engineering group, working with Reiner Hähnle.

From 09/2015 to 02/2016 I visited the Reliable Software Engineering Lab (RSE) at Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta, lecturing and working with Ade Azurat.

I obtained my PhD in Computer Science in 2013 in the DistriNet Research Group at KU Leuven, Belgium, supervised by Dave Clarke. Previously I obtained an MSc from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand where I was supervised by James Noble and Alex Potanin. I also hold a BSc (Hons) from Hochschule München, Germany and I have worked as a software engineer in industry for several years.

Reserch Interests

I am interested in programming languages design and implementation (e.g. as part of compilers and program analysis tools) as well as software design and (formal) modelling in general. My PhD research focused on novel language features for supporting software variability, (dynamic) software product lines, feature models and dynamic software updating.


My list of publications in DBLP.



Gebäude S2|02, Raum A205
E-Mail: radu.muschevici(a-t)cs.tu-darmstadt.de
Tel. +49 6151 16-21957

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